1. Your Team

Organise your friends and family, colleagues and neighbours: an Escape Room is always a team game.

2. Date & Mission

Select the date and free time in the calendar for the desired mission. Fully booked dates are shown in red.

3. Payment

Simply pay on site (cash or card) or online via PayPal or credit card. The tickets will be sent directly to you by mail.

The duration

Agents, it's very important that you're on time. The missions will start just like in the theatre, even without you!

Further questions?

Answers to your questions can be found here in the FAQ section. Otherwise please use the contact form.

Live Escape Adventure Games

If you are still not sure which mission is the right one for you, you can read more about the missions here.

Casa Moretta

For 11 years you have fought against the Hamburg underworld – now you almost reached your goal. Immerse yourself in the “CASA MORETTA” and find the crucial evidence to finally get the godfather of…

Exciting & mysterious

Metal & Picric

Flashing lights, colorful cables and a Goodbye note? The old professor is trying to prevent the publication of his research work by putting the University into Ruins. And where are you? Locked in the…

Exciting until the last second


The Illuminati has surfaced from the shadows to carry out the final phase of its legendary vendetta against its most hated enemy… the Catholic Church. The Pope has just died under mysterious…

Mysterious & exciting

Cabin in the woods

Carelessly you drive into the deep woods to make an excursion, not a soul is to be seen far and wide. This is exactly how you imagined your adventure...far away from civilisation. When you want to…

Exciting & creepy

2141: The world's future

Civilization is at an end: All resources are exhausted and the last salvation is a shuttle that can take you to the planet Yavin. However, the space is limited. Only those who pass a special test have…

Futuristic & challenging