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Google rating4.7 / 5 Stars

Great concept in the rooms and suspense until the last minute. For a short time you feel like you're in a film. Really good stuff, for everybody ...

Gerwin L, Hamburg

It was a lot of fun to puzzle and combine together. The hour went by much too quickly! The support was also very committed and ...

Jana E., Hamburg

Great thing, demanding challenge to free oneself from the room by solving tasks. But it was a lot of fun and it was great for everyone.

dorotheem595, Buchholz


Missions, only for the important things.

An independent underground organization that operates worldwide in different times and epochs with only one goal:
To protect the earth and fight for the welfare of mankind.






The Escape Room

How it works

1 team, 1 hour and 1 mission:

Master puzzles and tasks as a team, reveal secrets to discover new rooms and film-like worlds.

When will you master your next adventure mission and immerse yourself in these worlds? But shush, we work in secret!

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Indoor Escape Rooms

The original. Live, authentic and immersive!

Casa Moretta

For 11 years you have fought against the Hamburg underworld – now you almost reached your goal. Immerse yourself in the “CASA MORETTA” and find the crucial evidence to finally get the godfather of…

Exciting & mysterious

Metal & Picric

Flashing lights, colorful cables and a Goodbye note? The old professor is trying to prevent the publication of his research work by putting the University into Ruins. And where are you? Locked in the…

Exciting until the last second

The Illuminati Riddle

The Illuminati has surfaced from the shadows to carry out the final phase of its legendary vendetta against its most hated enemy… the Catholic Church. The Pope has just died under mysterious…

Mysterious & exciting

Cabin in the woods

Carelessly you drive into the deep woods to make an excursion, not a soul is to be seen far and wide. This is exactly how you imagined your adventure...far away from civilisation. When you want to…

Exciting & creepy

2141: The world's future

Civilization is at an end: All resources are exhausted and the last salvation is a shuttle that can take you to the planet Yavin. However, the space is limited. Only those who pass a special test have…

Futuristic & challenging

Outdoor Escape Games

Embark on exciting missions through hidden places in Hamburg and the surrounding area!

Solve puzzles together, open artefacts invisible to others, discover hidden places and explore the city.


The search for the Atlantis Majoris

The Atlantis Majoris - the first of its kind - was recently stolen and at the same time you receive information about a new secret society. Is this connected? You have to follow the tracks of the…

adventurous & exciting

The "Hanseatic Smuggling"

In the 18th century, there was a rift between the two largest trading families. Valuable treasures disappeared and to this day it is unclear what exactly was stolen and where the treasures are hidden.…

suspenseful family drama

Elbflut- Plato's Devotees

After successfully thwarting the plans, the organisation "Elbflut" went underground. Thanks to intensive research, it was discovered that "Elbflut" is pursuing a plan that could change the way we all…

tricky & diverse


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