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Google rating4.7 / 5 Stars

Great concept in the rooms and suspense until the last minute. For a short time you feel like you're in a film. Really good stuff, for everybody ...

Gerwin L, Hamburg

It was a lot of fun to puzzle and combine together. The hour went by much too quickly! The support was also very committed and ...

Jana E., Hamburg

Great thing, demanding challenge to free oneself from the room by solving tasks. But it was a lot of fun and it was great for everyone.

dorotheem595, Buchholz

Corona information

Current Corona regulations

There ist no vaccination or test needet to play or visit the bar/café. Please stay at home, when you feel sick oder have symptoms of a cold. Thank you! 

ATTENTION: Our outdoor activities can take place without access restrictions. You should still have an FFP2 mask with you.


Do we have to wear a mask during the game?

No - You can decide for yourself if you want to keep the mask on or not.
You will only need to wear one for the introduction of the game, the floorway and the toilets.


Missions, only for the important things.

An independent underground organization that operates worldwide in different times and epochs with only one goal:
To protect the earth and fight for the welfare of mankind.






The Escape Room

How it works

1 team, 1 hour and 1 mission:

Master puzzles and tasks as a team, reveal secrets to discover new rooms and film-like worlds.

When will you master your next adventure mission and immerse yourself in these worlds? But shush, we work in secret!

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Indoor Escape Rooms

The original. Live, authentic and immersive!

Casa Moretta

For 11 years you have fought against the Hamburg underworld – now you almost reached your goal. Immerse yourself in the “CASA MORETTA” and find the crucial evidence to finally get the godfather of…

Exciting & mysterious

Metal & Picric

Flashing lights, colorful cables and a Goodbye note? The old professor is trying to prevent the publication of his research work by putting the University into Ruins. And where are you? Locked in the…

Exciting until the last second

The Illuminati Riddle

The Illuminati has surfaced from the shadows to carry out the final phase of its legendary vendetta against its most hated enemy… the Catholic Church. The Pope has just died under mysterious…

Mysterious & exciting

Cabin in the woods

Carelessly you drive into the deep woods to make an excursion, not a soul is to be seen far and wide. This is exactly how you imagined your adventure...far away from civilisation. When you want to…

Exciting & creepy

2141: The world's future

Civilization is at an end: All resources are exhausted and the last salvation is a shuttle that can take you to the planet Yavin. However, the space is limited. Only those who pass a special test have…

Futuristic & challenging

Online Escape Games

Ideal for playing at home - buy easily and play directly!

Book your online escape game now and play with friends, family or work colleagues around the world.

For companiesFamily & Friends

Your digital gaming event

You are looking for an individual online gaming event for your company?

If Christmas, kick-off events, sales conventions, product launches, onboarding or recruiting – we set it up for you!

An individual online game provides incredible space for your own thoughts and visions. 5-10,000 participients can gather safely from all over the world and play a mission that is a mixture of Scavenger Hunt, Escape Room and online team meeting. Just as an unforgetable team play or as an innovative infotainment event for a certain brand or topic. For further information click here. We are looking forward to receiving your request!

Outdoor Escape Games

Embark on exciting missions through hidden places in Hamburg and the surrounding area!

Solve puzzles together, open artefacts invisible to others, discover hidden places and explore the city.


The search for the Atlantis Majoris

The Atlantis Majoris - the first of its kind - was recently stolen and at the same time you receive information about a new secret society. Is this connected? You have to follow the tracks of the…

adventurous & exciting

The "Hanseatic Smuggling"

In the 18th century, there was a rift between the two largest trading families. Valuable treasures disappeared and to this day it is unclear what exactly was stolen and where the treasures are hidden.…

suspenseful family drama

Elbflut- Plato's Devotees

After successfully thwarting the plans, the organisation "Elbflut" went underground. Thanks to intensive research, it was discovered that "Elbflut" is pursuing a plan that could change the way we all…

tricky & diverse


All answers to your questions:

Corona rules

You can find the answers to the most important questions at the top of this page.

To the corona rules

Can I cancel an appointment?

Since a TeamBreakout booking is legally comparabe with event-tickets (such as in the cinema or theater), a cancellation is not possible.
Should you, however have to cancel for special reasons, we’ll try our best to be accomodating. This is usually not a problem, until 2 weeks before the appointment.

Please get in touch with Thanks.

What are the prices?

The prices are based on the number of players:

Size of the teamPrice p.P.Total
3 Players33.00 €99.00 €
4 Players28.00 €112.00 €
5 Players25.00 €130.00 €
6 Players24.00 €144.00 €

What is “Team Breakout” exactly – I find hard it hard to imagine.

Imagine your Team will be introduced into a story where you will find logical challenges andRiddles. You will need to find hints in the room and with team-effort combine them in order to solve the puzzle and escape the Room. Don’t worry, upon arrival we will explain everything and you be set to go. More detail we do not want to give away in order to keep the tension and surprise effect.

Who can play?

Everyone from young to old! Everyone who loves exploring, solving puzzles and playing in a team. The min age is 14 (in combination with at least one adult)

Do i need any pre-experience?

No, don’t worry. No pre-experience or preparation is necessary. Basic rules will be explained. Since you work in a team you can always count on your teammates and you will succeed by the end. A game-administrator will follow you via camera and if necessary provide you with Tips.

Are there different levels?

Not at this stage. Both Rooms have the same level. Its all depending on how well the team works together and how fast you will be able to solve the puzzles. The game-admin is always there to assist you.

What happens if the time runs out and we haven’t finish?

In that case the lights switch off in the Room and you should start to pray. No, seriously. No one will be locked in or anything similar. 99% of the teams finish before the time runs out. TeamBreakout ensures you that it is all about fun and playing a game.

How many Players should be in one Group?

You have to be at least 3 players in a group. However we do recommend 4 players. You will have more brainpower in the Room but also need to communicate and coordinate very well to solve all the riddles. More people doesn’t necessarily mean its gonna be more easy. The team-dynamics will defiantly be fired up and fun is guaranteed.

Do I need to bring anything?

Fun and a healthy attitude to try new things. Casual wear is recommended. The more comfortable you are the better. Costumes are welcome, so if you wanna get your Sherlock Holmes dress up out, got for it.

Will there be Horror or Scary things I should know about?

No, don’t worry. You will be able to sleep after. We do try though to create an adventurous and unique atmosphere, but all within the limits. But however some unexpected things can happen…

People with Physical Disabilities?

No problem. The building has a lift which will bring you to the 3rd Floor, but there a couple of steps at the entrance. Our rooms are set up for wheelchairs but we do recommend a second person to be there as some objects are not within reach. If you scared of closed rooms you need to remember that the game takes 60 min. to finish. If this is a problem, we would suggest not to participate.

Is the game available in different languages?

We do speak German and English. The rooms are also set up and can be played in these two languages.

Where do I find TeamBreakout?

Click here for Directions

How can I register my Team?

For registration and booking please Click here.

How to Pay?

You can pay online in advance of via EC-/credit card or cash when you arrive here.

Still have Questions?

Fell free to contact us with and questions or concerns on

Do you also have vouchers?

Yes, of course. Simply go to our voucher page, select the amount and complete the ordering process.You can download the voucher afterwards.You can also visit us during our opening times and grab a nice looking voucher by yourself.

Friends & Family