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Outdoor tours in Hamburg

Corona note: Our outdoor offers can take place without restrictions. But be sure to have a FFP2 mask with you.

Embark on exciting missions of different kinds through Hamburg and its surroundings. Solve puzzles together, open hidden installations and discover the city and hidden places in a very special way. You determine the route yourself with a map.

Your tour, your pace: there is (almost) no time limit. So you can really get to know and enjoy all the stops on the tour, e.g. during a stopover in a café or while watching the ships in the harbour.

IMPORTANT: Currently, the tours can only be booked from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays.

Classic Outdoor Tours

The search for the Atlantis Majoris

The Atlantis Majoris - the first of its kind - was recently stolen and at the same time you receive information about a new secret society. Is this connected? You have to follow the tracks of the organisation incognito, then the Atlantis Majoris could also fall into your hands.

2 - 4h      6km      2 - 8 players      barrier-free      takes place in and around the famous Speicherstadt

Equipment needed: Mobile phone with mobile internet access and a messaging app (WhatsApp or Telegram)

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The "Hanseschmuggel"

(Hanseatic smuggling)

In the 18th century, there was a rift between the two largest trading families. Valuable treasures disappeared and to this day it is unclear what exactly was stolen and where the treasures are hidden. Do they still exist? The riddles will lead you to the secrets that will help to reveal the truth!

2,5 - 3h 4km     2 - 8 players     not barrier-free      Neustadt/St. Pauli

Equipment needed: Mobile phone with mobile internet access and a messaging app (WhatsApp or Telegram)

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Bicycle tour

Elbflut- Plato's devotees


After the successfully completed mission "Atlantis Majoris" (the missions can be played independently of each other!), the organisation "Elbflut" went underground. Thanks to intensive research, it was discovered that "Elbflut" is pursuing a plan that could change the way we all live together according to Plato's ideas. With a little help, the headquarters were located, but it seems that they had been evacuated shortly before. After a few weeks of silence, the first activities of Elbflut have now been reported again. Can you get the missing information about the organisation and prevent the plan?

 2 - 3h      11,2km       2 - 8 players     not barrier-free       HafenCity/Sternschanze

Equipment needed: Bicycle (if you don't have your own bike, you can borrow a Hamburg city bike)

Mobile phone with mobile internet access and a messaging app (WhatsApp or Telegram).


    You can also travel part of the way by train. Please make sure to buy a ticket.

    You can also walk the tour. Duration: 4.5 - 6 h. You will then have to take the train for part of the way.

    Rail ticket prices: single person €3.50 // 9 a.m. day ticket: 1 person €6.90 //   9 a.m. group ticket: €12.90 (no guarantee)

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