Our Online Mission for your Company Event

Online Mission - The Murder in the Manor House

Whether for the digital Christmas party, annual kick-off event or unusual team evening in times of the Corona pandemic – our Online Mission is the perfect team event!

An alleged murder in a mansion, closed investigations and a desperate family asking for clarification. Newly made detective John has talent but little experience. Can you help him to shed some light on the matter? But beware: the manor house has some surprises in store on the way to solving this unusual case.

Play a unique adventure now and immerse yourself in the charm of a time-honoured mansion located in the United Kingdom thanks to real-time communication, intuitive controls, great graphics and hidden bonus puzzles.

More information about the game’s course, technical details and the benefits for corporate events can be found below.

an overview

The basic functions

The game offers a team mode with real-time communication. Players of a team can move freely in the individual game scenes and collect, look at things and solve puzzles. If, for example, a team member opens a door, all other team members can see this directly. For this reason, not every player has to solve each puzzle individually, but everyone is always at the same level.

The game offers a so-called inventory function. As a player, you can collect items that will be important later and view them at any time. The team mode ensures that all players have the same inventory when the team moves on to the next game scene.

For all puzzle fans we have hidden bonus puzzles with extra points. How to find them and what exactly it is all about is explained in an introductory tutorial. The rest you have to find out yourself. Have fun and success!

The game can be played in German and English in company mode. Before logging in you have to choose a language. It is also possible for players on a team to play in different languages.

Just like in a real escape room, communication in a team is essential! You are not tied to any particular software, but can use the programs of your company such as Zoom or WebEx. But even the good old telephone conference does it, if your telephones are made for it. The communication runs parallel to the game, which works independently in every browser.

If you don’t use one of these programs, we have a few links for you to download here:

The best known and free video conference platforms are Zoom, WebEx, Discord or MS Teams.

Are there any questions about the use of such programmes? Talk to us, we can also help you plan your digital event.


The online mission is completely browser-based and runs in any browser. However, for optimal performance we recommend Firefox or Chrome. For this reason, you do not need to install any third-party software for the game itself.

After logging in, an exemplary game scene appears as a tutorial, which shows you all functions of the game. Only after the tutorial the actual game starts.

After the mission has been completed, each player will receive a small certificate with his/her name in PDF format.

The mission will last between 90-120 minutes. There is no fixed time. And this is also where the approach of the individual teams becomes apparent. As a team you can play for speed and try to get as many points as possible. Another way would be to take your time and find all the hidden bonus puzzles and solve them as well to get as many points as possible. Your choice, depending on your taste!

Exclusively for corporate events

The number of players is virtually unlimited – we can scale our server capacity to suit your group size.

The login is very simple: you only get the link to the game and a single code per company – that’s it. Therefore, no prior consultation with us is necessary regarding team sizes (2-6 players) and code allocation.

All players can log in with it, give themselves a player name and then easily divide them into teams. For further information see “Team classification”.

Teams of 2-6 players can easily form in a virtual waiting room after login. We will send you an illustrated guide and an explanatory video before the event.

With a total of up to 50 players you can theoretically split up “on the fly” before the game. However, experience has shown that with larger groups, everyone should think about who they are playing with before the game in order to enable a speedy team formation.

To make playing really fun, there is a live table. With one click you can see where you stand in the live ranking. The team name and live points are displayed. If you prefer to be surprised, you can hide the table.

As a corporate client, you will receive useful documents from us before the event, which should ensure that your event runs smoothly:

  • Tips for the general course of a digital event
  • Instructions and videos for login, team building, etc.
  • Tips for a successful online mission in the manor house
  • Optional script for a video message in the game created by you

On request, we can arrange an award ceremony with the top 3 teams directly after the match, which will then be sent to the contact person via PDF. So you will have a successful conclusion of your team event after the game.

During the game you have the possibility to call a contact person from us for technical questions or to contact them via WhatsApp.

But please note: There are no tips for the game here, so that the challenge is the same for everyone. 🙂

Optionally we offer the following individualisation possibilities for a small surcharge:

  • Integration of a video created by you as an original introduction to the game using a finished script from us (you can also shoot your own video). In this way, for example, the head of department can lead you elegantly and immersively into the game.
  • Integration of a video created by you at the end of the game
  • Integration of the company logo on the certificates at the end of the game

Our prices:

  • 19,50€ per person for 2-100 participants
  • 17,50€ per person for up to 500 participants
  • 14,50€ per person for up to 1000 participants

The optional integrations (introductory video, certificate with logo, video after the game) are 49€ each.

All prices are net prices.

booking and further information

How could such a digital event look like?

How can you actually create such a digital event? If you are looking for inspiration, you will find an exemplary sequence of events here. For individual questions you can also contact us.

Are you ready for the online mission in the mansion?

Wonderful! All previous information is summarised here in the practical PDF download. So you can easily and directly inform your colleagues, superiors or other allies in the fight against crime.

Book your online mission now! Games are also possible at short notice.

The most important data for us are:

  • Number of players
  • Date and time
  • Experience with communication tools
  • Experience with digital events

Your contacts for bookings, planning and questions are
Jacqueline Jörg and Marius Bracklo

  • By phone: +49 (0)40 73441519
  • By e-mail: hallo@teambreakout.de
  • On site: Springeltwiete 1, 20095 Hamburg

We are looking forward to your request!