Hamburg’s best outdoor game

Embark on two exciting missions through Hamburg:

Solve puzzles together, open secret installations and discover the city and its hidden places.

Uncover the “THE SMUGGLING OF THE HANSE DYNASTY” (select “Hanseschmuggel” in the booking calender at the bottom) or follow in the footsteps of “ELBFLUT – PLATONS DEVOTEES” (select “Elbflut – Platons Anhänger” in the booking calender at the bottom).

Your tour, your pace: There is (almost) no time limit. So you can really get to know and enjoy all the stops on the tour, e.g. during a stopover at a café or while watching the ships in the harbour.

Whether you are a born in Hamburg, a company or a team, a newcomer or a visitor to the most beautiful city in the world, you will get to know a part of St. Pauli/Neustadt (The smuggling of the Hanse Dynasty) or the HafenCity and part of Altona/Sternschanze (Elbflut- Platon’s Devotees) in a very special way!

Participants: 2 – 8 persons / group
Duration of the tours: Hanse-Schmuggel: 2.5 – 3 hours | Elbflut – Platon´s devotees: 4,5 – 5 hours

–> Important note only for the tour “Platon´s devotees”: You need a train ticket for this tour or you can also use the Stadtrad instead of the train.
Single person 3,40€ | 9 am Day ticket: 1 person 6,60€ | 9 am Group ticket: 12,40€
Equipment needed: mobile phone with mobile internet access and a messaging app (WhatsApp or Telegram)
IMPORTANT: currently the tours can only be booked from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays. Therefore, please select a day in the calendar first, otherwise the tour will not be displayed. Please be aware that the tour 1 “Atlantis Majoris” is not yet available in English. Select it only, if you have German native speakers with you!

We wish you a great outdoor experience – enjoy the heart of Hamburg!